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Gingersol, Scott Danbom, Simon Petty + Seth Rothschild

Sunday 01/06
Doors: 6:00PM Show: 6:00PM
No Cover

There is no cover charge for this show.  To make dinner reservations in the club, during the show, please call: 212-255-4544.

6:00pm: Simon Petty + Celia Chavez, Catie Cushing + Freya Wilcox, Steve + Mel Tagliere

7:00pm: Scott Danbom

7:30pm: Simon Petty + Seth Rothschild w/The Three Gentlemen

8:30pm: Gingersol


Gingersol, Scott Danbom, Simon Petty + Seth Rothschild

Gingersol, Scott Danbom, Simon Petty + Seth Rothschild

Prolific singer/songwriter, Steve Tagliere, led the (under the radar) band, Gingersol, for nearly a decade, with an unparalleled output of infectious songs.

"...from stark to lush as the tunes build and release tension like an epic movie. After it's over, listeners are likely to feel as if they have lived with the band for the past few years, proof of the band's honesty and integrity" - ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Recording a staggering amount of material, some of which has seen a posthumous release for the first time via Spotify in the last year, the band reunites for the first time in fifteen years for a full band/full set.

A friendship forged in the baptism of fire that occurs when touring in a van across America, Seth Rothschild and Simon Petty have been playing music together for fifteen years. Gigging endlessly with their erstwhile bands, Gingersol and Minibar, and then cutting the Rothschild-produced album 'The Sea, The Sea' as Solomon's Seal in Texas and Brooklyn, over the years the pair have honed their songwriting chops on the sharp edge of the music industry. On July 4th, they released their first full-length album together, Recovery Time.
Joined on stage by R2C2, and the Three Gentlemen.

Scott Danbom, formerly of popular Texas-based band Centro-matic, announces the upcoming release of his self-titled debut solo album under the name Static Diary.

Best-known for his work in Centro-matic, Danbom is a veteran performer and accompanist in his own right, having worked with Centro-matic leader Will Johnson (who also appears on Static Diary), as well as Sarah Jaffe, Drive-By Truckers, and many more throughout his long career.

An hour of couples singin' songs:
Simon Petty + Celia Chavez
Catie Vanderbilt + Freya Wilcox
Steve + Mel Tagliere