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HALLOWEEN HOEDOWN with The Barnstorm!

Saturday 03/24
Show: 9:30PM
No Cover

HALLOWEEN HOEDOWN with The Barnstorm!

HALLOWEEN HOEDOWN with The Barnstorm!

-a social gathering at which lively folk dancing takes place.
synonyms: party, shindig, hootenanny, bash, jamboree, dance, barn dance, baile, fête, celebration
"Sportsmen's Hall was all decked out for the hoedown"

DRESS YOUR BEST. For the bestest, that's right, bestest, party band in all of Nueva York!

"The Barnstorm.... They're no heroes, people. They play fun cover songs that (with a little help of the good stuff) people love to dance to. If you need brain surgery, go to a brain surgeon. If you need to let loose and have a good time, come to The Barnstorm.

Born and bred in the South, and now based in New York City, The Barnstorm guys have indisputably established themselves as "Ambassadors of Good Times..." Melting faces, taking names, and just generally rocking the NYC masses with their brand of party rock music, The Barnstorm is guaranteed to bring the party each and every time they take the stage!"