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The Brain Cloud, Megg Farrell

Also Featuring: Catie Vanderbilt Thursday 07/20
Show: 8:00PM
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The Brain Cloud

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The Brain Cloud

1920s Jazz, Western Swing, mouth trumpet. What more could you want?

Megg Farrell + Friends

Megg Farrell + Friends

Megg Farrell grew up singing old folk tunes, writing songs and playing in rowdy folk-rock groups as a teenager. In 2013, she burst into the New York music scene and has been building a devoted audience ever since. She started out in the jazz world under the name Sweet Megg singing old jazz standards and blues songs influenced heavily by her main heroine Billie Holiday. She instantly became a hit in the jazz world but she was longing to return to her songwriting roots. Inspired by the release of her first full original folk album last year and spending the year touring through the south, Megg has put together a new project breaking out of the jazz world and into the world of classic country. Now, with years of experience under her belt, she brings the maturity of a professional jazz vocalist and the energy of a rock ‘n roller to her new project Megg Farrell & Friends. Her voice is a unique blend of soulful grit and sweet molasses. The group is heavily influenced by Emmylou Harris’s Hot Band with three part harmonies and lots of Telecaster.

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Catie Vanderbilt

Brooklyn's answer to a rainy day.