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Randy Thompson Band

Friday 01/11
Show: 9:30PM
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Randy Thompson Band

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Randy Thompson Band

The rolling hills and verdant valleys of Virginia's Piedmont region have provided a backdrop for some of our history's most turbulent and formative events and produced an uncommonly rich variety of compelling musical styles and voices, from blues to country to bluegrass and beyond. It's a heritage that Virginia-based singer/songwriter Randy Thompson intuitively understands and brings vividly to life. His work lovingly embraces the past even as it pulls it – kicking, picking, singing, rocking – all the way into the 21st Century.

With a Virginia bloodline that traces back to the early 1700s, Thompson, who now resides in the small town of Clifton, Virginia, gives true meaning to the term "roots music." And like his musical antecedents, he tends to draw inspiration directly from his own experience, creating starkly drawn musical and lyrical pictures.

His 1998 debut, Wearin' Blue, garnered widespread critical raves, while his 2004 sophomore release 'That's Not Me' generated significant national and international airplay, debuting at No. 1 on the European Hotdisc Radio chart and reaching top 40 on national Americana, Country, and Roots Rock charts. AboutCountry.com, among others, listed 'That's Not Me' as one of the top 10 albums of 2004.

It was the release of the album 'Further On’ in 2008 that took Thompson's artistry to a whole new level. The positive reviews were staggering. Brian Ahern from Country Music UK said, “for me, this is the very essence of what country music is all about…. Through Randy Thompson and Further On country music has done it again”. It was instantly picked up by XM/Sirius and hundreds of radio stations, both Americana and Country, all over the US, Europe and Australia and spawned three more top 5 Hotdisc singles. The album opened many new doors for the artist including, European tours, national television, a movie soundtrack appearance, and an NPR radio special.

The new CD, ‘Collected’ released in the US and Europe on Jan 3rd 2012 is a compilation of 15 tracks recorded over the last 13 years. It includes 3 newly released tracks, a 2011 single, and 11 others taken form all three top 40 Americana releases. The album includes 8 European Hotdisc top 10 singles and a top 40 American country single ‘Sound Of The Rain’.

The Randy Thompson Band is on the road in 2012 turning out shows that are continuing to build an unstoppable momentum. The Washington Post said of a recent performance, ‘He can really put it across in a live setting with undeniable confidence….a compelling performer”.

Forged on the road and carved from hard-lived experience the artist himself, is naturally resistant to pigeonholes. Call it country, call it roots music, call it Americana; in the end it's the sound of Randy Thompson, raw and real. It's the sound of an artist who knows where he comes from and where he stands. It's the sound of the Virginia hills, of war and peace and love and fear. Randy Thompson’s music is the simple,sometimes sad, beautiful sound of the truth.