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Texas Blues Dance Party Ft. Big Boy Little Blues Band

Saturday 08/11
Show: 9:30PM
No Cover

Big Boy Little Blues Band

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Big Boy Little Blues Band

Big Boy Little may be the nom de blues of veteran harp player/ singer Bret Littlehales, but then again it may not. If it is, then we can trace him back to the Northside Blues Band in 1968- 69, with a young Bobby Radcliff on guitar. If not, then he might have been the mysterious harp player on Son House's extended recording of Death Letter Blues in Mississippi circa 1942. Then again, that might have been someone else.

This we know for sure: he's led the BBL Blues Band in DC since 1998, spent the last twelve and a half fronting the house band at the Zoo Bar, and that, much like the Duke of Earl, nothing can stop him.

Loved by some, including himself, reviled by some, also including himself, BBL keeps those blues keepin' on, whatever that means. So check it out- the enigmatic, quixotic, mysterious, always entertaining Big Boy Little Band.

Bassist Wolf Crescenze plays in several other bands including Still Standing. He is also regarded as one of the top Carousel animal restorers in the world. A former middle school teacher, he plays music full-time when not working on his carousel projects. He lives in Welcome MD with his beautiful fiance Constance Warner.

Steve "Baby Jake" Jacobs played with the great Chicago harmonica player Carey Bell for over twenty years. He can be heard on Carey's Alligator Record releases as well as numerous YouTube videos. Long regarded as the guitarists' guitarist, Jakey's unorthodox picking style and stinging tone adds a new dimension to the sound of the band.

Andy Hamburger is the hardest working drummer in Washington, DC and for good reason. He's really, really good. His resume includes almost every band that's ever been formed since mankind dwelled in caves.