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The Claudettes Album Release Party!

Thursday 05/17
Doors: 8:30PM Show: 9:00PM
No Cover


www.Billboard.com article: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8239704/the-claudettes-give-it-all-up-for-good

The Claudettes

The Claudettes

Pianist Johnny Iguana formed the Claudettes, who feature Berit Ulseth on vocals, Zach Verdoorn on bass guitar and vocals and Matt Torre on drums. Johnny, who has toured internationally with his own cult-favorite rock band oh my god, is currently a member of two Grammy-nominated blues groups: Chicago Blues--A Living History and the Muddy Waters 100 Band. Johnny has toured or recorded with Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Otis Rush, James Cotton, Carey Bell, Lil' Ed and more. The Claudettes combine the Chicago blues-piano tradition with the energy of rockabilly and punk and the sultry sound of '60s soul-jazz to create a thrilling new spin on American roots music.The Claudettes recorded their forthcoming album with Grammy-winning producer Mark Neill (Black Keys, Paladins, Old 97's, J.D. McPherson). The album came out March 23, 2018 on Yellow Dog Records (Memphis, TN) and comes out on April 20 in Europe/UK via Continental Records Services. This is their D.C. record-release show...gonna be a blast...all ages show!

GREG KOT, CHICAGO TRIBUNE A revelatory blend of jazz and blues, stirred with punk brio and topped with French cream. There are also dashes of classical and world music, and enough stops, starts and hairpin turns to suggest the giddiness of Raymond Scott's cartoon music...How do they do it?
DOWNBEAT Hits listeners upside the head with a mash-up of Otis Spann blues, Albert Ammons boogie-woogie, Ray Charles soul and “Fess” Longhair New Orleans R&B. Catch them in a chaotic ballroom!

CAUGHT IN THE CAROUSEL They come across like a ragtime White Stripes, tearing through the 13 numbers here with an undeniable musical velocity….Truly one of the most refreshing musical experiences of the year.
BLUES MUSIC MAGAZINE Like Keith Moon chasing a crazed, punked-up Little Richard!

Billboard -- "The 12-song set... showcases a different lineup of the band, one that's been honed via live performance during the past two years and that showcases vocalist Berit Ulseth. But that's only made the Claudettes' distinct and idiosyncratic blend -- punk, blues, R&B, rockabilly, some jazz -- more potent."

MUSOSCRIBE (Bill Kopp's Music Magazine): The Claudettes – Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium! (Yellow Dog Records)
I liked these guys when they started out, and I think I love them now. I can’t think of another group that combines barrelhouse piano and female chanteuse vocals with heavily-effected electric guitar and slamming drums. The band’s sound is quite difficult to describe, as it seems to draw as much form hard and psychedelic rock as it does from N’awlins piano boogie. If you’re ready for something that’s at once unlike anything else you’ve heard and melodically accessible, you must listen to the Claudettes. They look like a jazz trio and vocalist; they sound not at all like that.

The Second Disc — "The sound is raw and immediate – with a piano, bass guitar and drums core – thanks to the band’s use of vintage equipment and instruments. This Scandal boasts punk spirit, earworm melodies, and a neo-retro sound that’s loaded with appeal."
No Depression -- "I hear touches of Jerry Lee Lewis at his most manic (which fits, considering that Johnny sometimes pounds those keyboards to freaking smithereens), of cinema (some of the vocal overlays are freaky as hell), of rock 'n' roll (and not the standard rock 'n' roll but the rock 'n' roll you might have heard at some of them house parties Chicago and the Deep South are famous for), of multiple genres wrapping around one another until you cannot recognize any one of them. It must be fun as hell to play in this band."

The Vinyl District -- "They’ve been tagged as punk-blues, but on this CD immediately connect as something other/ more than growled out Willie Mabon covers slathered in amp gristle. This is partly due to the piano of founder-constant member Johnny Iguana, who’s played with Junior Wells and Otis Rush. But if steeped in tradition, The Claudettes aren’t a replication (or as said, a mere dirtying up) of it, instead exuding comfort with contemporary motions (Mark Neill produced) as new vocalist Berit Ulseth shines, especially on “Pull Closer to Me” and “Death and Traffic.” Iguana’s skills are fully showcased on the title track. A