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Hill Country doubles as a live music venue downstairs in the Boot Bar from Tuesday through Saturday nights including frequent visits from national touring acts. Most shows are free to the public.


Today 8:30PM No Cover

Marti Brom with The Lustre Kings

The career of Marti Brom offers evidence that the freshest rockabilly of the modern era has been made by female performers....
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8:30PM No Cover More Info
Fri 09/30 9:30PM No Cover

The Howlin' Brothers

"The Howlin’ Brothers live the life they sing about in their songs. They are authentic and the real deal through and...
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9:30PM No Cover More Info
Sat 10/01 9:30PM $12.00 - $15.00

Gangstagrass & Mark & Dan Whitener

There are only three bands that can tame a mountain lion just by playing. Gangstagrass is one of them. Gangstagrass is also...
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9:30PM $12.00 - $15.00 More Info
Mon 10/03 8:00PM $12.00 - $15.00

Kevin Gordon & Tom Rhodes

"Dude's a juke-joint professor emeritus."--Wil Hermes, Rolling Stone, 3/12 Kevin Gordon’s voice is made from dust and...
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8:00PM $12.00 - $15.00 More Info
Tue 10/04 8:30PM $16.00 - $25.00

Slaid Cleaves

Slaid Cleaves spins stories with a novelist’s eye and a poet’s heart. Twenty years into his career, the celebrated...
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8:30PM $16.00 - $25.00 More Info
Wed 10/05 8:30PM No Cover

Hill Country Live Band Karaoke

Washington DC's best Live Band Karaoke - Once you go live you won't go back! You sing, the HariKaraoke Band backs you up in...
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Thu 10/06 8:30PM No Cover

Teri Joyce & the Tagalongs

Austin, Texas songwriter Teri Joyce sings the songs that built the honkytonks and writes the songs that will keep them...
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Fri 10/07 9:30PM No Cover

Wild Ponies

How does one describe those precious moments in life when we are able to transcend our small daily self-interests, and can...
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Sat 10/08 10:00PM No Cover

Blue Water Highway

Blue Water Highway runs just outside of Freeport up towards Galveston along the Texas Gulf Coast. This is the part of the...
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Sun 10/09 7:00PM No Cover

The Full Sours

The Full Sour is Alec Berlin (guitar), Nate Lueck (guitar), Michael Pearce (bass), and James Yoshizawa (drums). Their wealth...
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7:00PM No Cover More Info